East African Court: Community Must Investigate Tanzania’s Expulsion of Migrants

Published: 9/Mai/2016
Source: International Justice Resource Center

The East African Court of Justice (EACJ) recently held that the East African Community (EAC) breached its duties to effectively investigate and redress possible violations of the principles in the EAC Treaty that arose from the allegedly illegal expulsion of Rwandan and Burundian immigrants from Tanzania in 2013. See East African Court of Justice, East African Law Society v. Secretary General of the EAC, Ref. No. 7 of 2014, Judgment of 22 March 2016, para. 75. The claim was brought to the EACJ by the East Africa Law Society, which alleged that the EAC had failed to take remedial actions to ensure that expulsions conformed to regional legal standards and principles. Id. at paras. 6, 7. The EAC argued that it had fulfilled its duties and the States involved are responsible for remedying the situation, which they failed to do. Id. at para. 53.

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Themes: Déportations et expulsions collectives, Déportations, Expulsions collectives
Regions: Tanzanie, Afrique de l'Est
Year: 2016