Egypt Wants to Revoke Hamas Leader’s Citizenship

Published: 20/May/2014
Source: Israel National News

Egypt is working to revoke the citizenship of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior official told Al Arabiya on Monday.

According to Major General Hussein Ridi, Assistant Interior Minister for Passports and Citizenship, a proposal to revoke the citizenship of al-Zahar and 11 members of his family has been submitted to the Cabinet for approval.

The reason for the request, he told Al Arabiya, is proof that al-Zahar and his family are members of an organization that has been working “to undermine Egypt’s economic and social system.”

Al-Zahar is one of 8,000 Palestinian Arabs who were given Egyptian citizenship during the reign of ousted former president, Mohammed Morsi. Hamas is an offshoot of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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