Egyptian Constitutional Court: Children of Egyptian mothers by naturalization are also Egyptian

Published: 15/Apr/2019
Source: Legal Agenda

On Saturday 6 April 2019, the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt ruled that the text of Article 6 of the Egyptian Nationality Law was unconstitutional, while it entailed depriving a foreign mother who acquired Egyptian nationality by naturalization from transferring her nationality by dependency to her children, and limiting the transfer of Egyptian nationality by dependence to the children of a foreigner acquired by naturalization. This ruling came in Case No. 131 of 39 Judicial “Constitutional”, referred by the Administrative Court in Cairo, the unconstitutionality of the text of Article 6 of the Egyptian Nationality Law, in its distinction between foreigners and foreigners in the matter of granting nationality to their minor children by virtue of their acquisition of Egyptian nationality by naturalization. This important provision complements the legal and constitutional provisions established for the equal right to grant nationality to children born of marriage. It also eliminates any aspect of discrimination between men and women in the field of nationality after the constitutional recognition of equality between the sexes in this regard.

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Themes: Acquisition by children, Discrimination, Gender
Regions: Egypt
Year: 2019