Ethiopia/Eritrea: UN General Assembly Resolution 390 A (V) of 2 December 1950

Published: 2/Déc/1950
Source: UN General Assembly

Eritrea: report of the United Nations Commission for Eritrea; report of the Interim Committee of the General Assembly on the report of the United Nations Commission for Eritrea

Paragraph 1:

Eritrea shall constitute an autonomous unit federated with Ethiopia under the sovereignty of the Ethiopian Crown.

Paragraph 6:

A single nationality shall prevail throughout the Federation:

a. All inhabitants of Eritrea, except persons possessing foreign nationality, shall be nationals of the Federation;

b. All inhabitants born in Eritrea and having at least one indigenous parent or grandparent shall also be nationals of the Federation. Such persons, if in possession of a foreign nationality, shall, within six months of the coming into force of the Eritrean Constitution, be free to opt to renounce the nationality of the Federation and retain such foreign nationality. In the event that they do not so opt, they shall thereupon lose such foreign nationality;

c. The qualifications of persons acquiring the nationality of the Federation under sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) above for exercising their rights as citizens of Eritrea shall be determined by the Constitution and laws of Eritrea;

d. All persons possessing foreign nationality who have resided in Eritrea for ten years prior to the date of the adoption of the present resolution shall have the right, without further requirements of residence, to apply for the nationality of the Federation in accordance with Federal laws. Such persons who do not acquire the nationality of the Federation shall be permitted to reside in and engage in peaceful and lawful pursuits in Eritrea ;

The rights and interests of foreign nationals resident in Eritrea shall be guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 7.

Themes: Succession d'États
Regions: Ethiopie, Érythrée
Year: 1950