Ethiopian passport being distributed illegally to non-citizens

Published: 25/Juin/2023

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian passports are being issued to non-Ethiopian citizens illegally, according to sources.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation has approached officials of the concerned institutions for an interview regarding the issue. They were asked why their institutions have not been able to stop this illegal act that can cause precarious international crimes including terrorism.

The Immigration Citizenship Service and the Addis Ababa City Administration’s Civil Registration and Residency Service Agency have admitted that the problem is there.

Head of the Travel Document Issuance Team at the Immigration and Citizenship Service, Alemtsehai Ambachew said that there are many foreigners who were illegally made to possess Ethiopian passports when they leave the country. This will bring about precarious consequences against the country, according to her.

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