Ghana: Electoral Commission faces resistance over new voter registration requirement

Published: 14/Mar/2023
Source: The Africa Report

By Jonas Nyabor

Ahead of Ghana’s crucial general elections in 2024, the electoral commission is proposing a constitutional change that will make a controversial national identity card the sole document for confirming one’s nationality and age to register as a voter. However, this move is being strongly opposed over fears that many citizens will be disenfranchised.

Citizens without the Ghana Card will not be eligible for a voter ID card according to the proposal introduced to parliament by the election management body.

The commission says it will no longer rely on an age-old guarantor system where a registered voter could vouch for the citizenship and age of a prospective voter.

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Themes: Cartes d’identité et passeports, Inscription aux listes électorales
Regions: Ghana
Year: 2023