Ghana: The Hidden Light Of The Zongo People

Published: 4/Juil/2020

By Babs-Khalid Hassan A.k.a. Babs Dopouh

I observed with a keen interest in how our people in the Zongos are being subjected to the trash by politicians. They all have the same message when they are in Zongos, all they say to us is we are all Ghanaians nobody can stop you from voting. When it is time for registration make sure you register massively.

We are all citizens of this land. When you go to register, mention your home town, when they refuse you from registration pick a complaint form and fill it. We are going to help you work on that. “Message of the Politicians”. People from Zongos have been compelled to tell lies when they go to register as voters or to obtain a Ghanaian Passport.

The authorities at the passport office don’t accept people who claim their hometowns are the Zongos to be Ghanaians. They have no right to claim Nima, Fadama, Newtown, Kumasi Zongos, or any of the Zongos in Ghana as their hometown.

The government has created a Ministerial Portfolio for the Zongos to look into their predicament and find solutions for them. We are hereby putting it before the Zongo Minister that we have been refused the right of citizenship when we claim to have come from the Zongos. What is left of the minister is to find out the in-depth problems of the Zongo people and why they are being denied the right to register as a voter and the right to obtain a Ghanaian passport when they claim to have come from Zongo.

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Themes: Discrimination, Ethnique/Raciale/Religieuse
Regions: Ghana
Year: 2020