Glaring loopholes in Uganda’s registration of persons bill

Published: 15/Apr/2015
Source: Pambazuka News

The Parliament of Uganda passed the Registration of Persons Bill 2014 on 26 February 2015; the purpose of the Act is to harmonize and consolidate the law on registration of persons in Uganda and to provide for the registration of persons. Generally, the Act makes registration compulsory and it provides for cooperation with other agencies, government departments and Ministries in sharing the information that is gathered. While the law is a much needed piece of legislation to provide for and harmonize the process of collecting identification information, there are a number of loopholes around data protection and requirements for registration which arguably render the Act unconstitutional in its current state. Parliament is well within its constitutionally mandated powers in making laws for peace, order, development and good governance but what cannot be justified is making laws that contravene the constitution.

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Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration
Regions: East Africa, Uganda
Year: 2015