Zimbabwe: Govt urged to deal with statelessness, rights and welfare of children

Published: 29/May/2017
Source: NewsDay (Harare)

GOVERNMENT has been urged to accede to the 1954 United Nations Conventions relating to the status of stateless persons and the 1961 UN convention on the reduction of statelessness, as well as to expedite the implementation of Article 6 (4) of the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child.


The issues came out in a report presented in Senate last week by Midlands senator Lillian Timveous (MDC-T).

“Failure to ratify the 1961 Convention to reduction of statelessness reflects negatively on the government of Zimbabwe’s failure to fulfil citizen’s social, economic, civil and political rights,” Timveous said.

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Themes: Identity Documents, Statelessness
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2017