Great Lakes region adopts common approach to deal with statelessness

Published: 18/Apr/2019
Source: SABC News / Reuters

During a three day meeting held in Nairobi this week, countries from the Great Lakes region have agreed to adopt a common approach to deal with statelessness in the region.

This will involve a common legal framework that will guarantee rights to nationality for all.

The meeting brought together representative from governments in the Great Lakes region, the United Nations, the African Union and stateless person Zephania Mungani.

Mungani is among an estimated 3000 Shona people living in Kenya.

“Our parents came from Zimbabwe, but there was no Zimbabwe in 1960s, they came from Rhodesia,” says Mungani.

John Amugune from Uganda says: “We are stateless because in the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the indigenous tribes listed in the 3rd schedule, the Maragoli tribe is not there.”

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