Hamadziripi: Zimbabwe Ready to Repatriate Thousands of Citizens from South Africa After Expiration of Exemption Permits

Published: 2/Feb/2023
Source: Voice of America

The Zimbabwean government says it has concrete plans in place to repatriate thousands of Zimbabweans, whose exemption permits will be terminated on June 30.

Speaking to journalists in Johannesburg today, David Hamadziripi, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, said they will work with all stakeholders to ensure that all affected Zimbabweans will be repatriated.

The South African government announced June 30 as the expiry date of the Zimbabwean Exemption Permits, a process that will affect close to 180,000 Zimbabweans.

Although South Africa has given these Zimbabweans a year and a half to migrate to other permits, the embassy says the majority do not qualify for any of the normal permits.

Ngqabutho Mabhena of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa recently told VOA Zimbabwe Service that many holders of exemption permits, who have already applied for waivers and new documents, have not received a government response for almost four or more months after submitting their papers for assessment.

The ruling African National Congress has come up with a policy document in which it is suggesting that applicants seeking to live and work in South Africa on the basis of marriages, should not be allowed to regularize their status.

The ANC also suggests that all South Africans should be on the alert and inform the government about illegal immigrants.

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