How Sudan can mitigate the negative consequences of partition – PART I

Published: 26/Jan/2011

By Dr. Elwathig Kameir, The New Sudan Vision

“The separation of the south, even if it is a curse, it remains to be a perceptible political reality that could be turned positively, while transforming its cons into pros, and its liabilities into assets, through the perseverance to continue the struggle to achieve the ultimate goal of building a true citizenship-state, » argues Dr. Elwathig Kameir in this series.

(Tunis, Tunisia) – This article examines the status and future of « northerners » in the SPLM in light of the criticism and disapproval to which they have lately been exposed to, whether motivated by retribution and « gloat », or out of compassion and support, and in view of the confusion and uncertainty experienced by the northerners themselves, at a time when secession of the south has become almost a fait accompli.

On the one hand, many believe (erroneously) that the establishment of an independent state in southern Sudan will implicitly put an end to the political future of northerners in the SPLM, while some have gone even more extreme to explicitly call for banning and outlawing their political activities in northern Sudan, and on top of that holding them responsible for the separation of the south. It is both naïve and dangerous to call for or promote such wishful thinking, obnoxious as it may sound, which does not stand on a firm footing and defies the truth!

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