International Refugee Law and the Right to Nationality: Legal responses to the Rwandan refugee crisis in Uganda

Published: 1/Oct/2014
Source: University College Cork

By Marshall Godfrey ALENYO

Thesis submitted for Masters of Law (LLM) International Human Rights and Public Policy

The objective of this thesis is to highlight the interaction between international refugee law and the right to a nationality with particular focus on the access to citizenship by Rwandan refugees and their descendants in Uganda. Most of these refugees have, after years of sojourn, developed social and economic ties to Uganda, which renders it impossible to leave the country of asylum. It also creates a need to find a solution for their continued stay beyond refugee status. Under International refugee law, local integration into the community is a durable solution. Among others, it provides for assimilation and naturalisation as an end to refugee status and beginning of a new chapter of citizenship in the host country.

Download file: International Refugee Law and the Right to Nationality

Themes: Nationality and Refugees
Regions: Uganda
Year: 2014