Is Kenya’s ‘big Huduma Namba thing’ being adapted to digital-only ID or dropped for a UPI

Published: 27/Jan/2023
Source: Biometric Update

By Frank Hersey

“It is not the work of government to issue IDs; it is the work of government to identify Kenyans,” said Kenyan President Ruto at the Data Privacy Conference in Nairobi. Following last week’s announcement by cabinet secretary for ICT, Eliud Owalo, of digital identity for digital government services and evasion of using the name “Huduma Namba,” it is not yet clear what is happening to the controversial national ID system, or cards generated.

Outlets are referring to a Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) as a digital identity and alternative to Huduma Namba, although a UPI is generally a function of an overall ID.

President Ruto confirmed the recent target of 5,000 government services to be made available on line, now with a six-month target. The latest tally of 300 services already digitally available has doubled to 600 in the last two weeks, he told conference goers at the KICC on Data Protection Day.

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