Sierra Leone Citizenship Act No.4 of 1973 (as amended 1976)

Published: 24/May/1973

The law provides that: 2. Citizenship by birth Every person who, having been born in Sierra Leone before the nineteenth day of April, 1971, or who was resident in Sierra Leone on the eighteenth day of April, 1971, and not…

Liberia Aliens and Nationality Law, 1973

Published: 15/May/1973

Repeals and replaces the Aliens and Nationality Law, 1956. Chapter 20 on nationality at birth provides: § 20.1. Citizens of Liberia at birth. The following shall be citizens of Liberia at birth: (a) A person who is a Negro, or…

Liberia Domestic Relations Law 1973

Published: 10/Apr/1973

Includes provisions on custody, guardianship and adoption of children. Download: Liberia Domestic Relations Law 1973

Nigeria Citizenship Legislation (as of 1973)

Published: 1/Jan/1973

1963 Constitution provisions on citizenship 1960 Nigerian Citizenship Act 1961 Nigerian Citizenship Act 1961 Nigerian Citizenship (Naturalization) Regulations 1968 Nigerian Citizenship (Validation) Decree Annotated texts annexed to: Arthur V.J. Nylander, The Nationality and Citizenship Laws of Nigeria, Lagos: University of…