Niger: Décret n° 84-132/PCMS/MJ du 23 août 1984, modifié 1988

Published: 18/Feb/1988

Décret n° 84-132/PCMS/MJ du 23 août 1984, portant application de l’ordonnance n° 84-33 du 23 août 1984 portant Code de la nationalité nigérienne (Journal Officiel n° 20 du 15 octobre 1984) modifié par le décret n° 88-58/PCMS/MJ du 18 février…

Liberia Constitution 1984, Chapter 4, Citizenship

Published: 3/Jul/1984

Replacing the 1847 Constitution suspended by a coup d’état on 12 April 1980. The new constitution was prepared by a National Constitution Committee and approved by referendum on 3 July 1984. It entered into force on 6 January 1986. CHAPTER…

Botswana Citizenship (Amendment) Act No 17 of 1984

Published: 4/May/1984

The Act amends the Citizenship Act, 1982. The amendments state that a person born in Botswana shall be a citizen if, at the time of his birth, his father was a citizen, or, in the case of a person born…