Tanzania Citizenship Act No.6 of 1995

Published: 10/Oct/1995

Repeals and replaces the Citizenship Act 1961. 5.-(1) Subject to the provisions of subsection (2), every person born in the United Republic on or after Union Day shall be deemed to have become and to have continued to be a […]

Constitution of Uganda, 1995

Published: 8/Oct/1995

Original unamended version. Chapter III provides for citizenship; schedule 3 lists the communities regarded as ‘indigenous’ for the purposes of Chapter III. Download complete file: Uganda Constitution 1995 Download extract of Chapter III : 1995 Uganda Constitution Chapter III on […]

CRC: Initial Report of Morocco, 1995

Published: 19/Aug/1995
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

CRC/C/28/Add.1 Initial reports of States parties due in 1995 Addendum KINGDOM OF MOROCCO A. Name and nationality (art. 7) The right to a name from birth is based on both our country’s history and sociological situation; there can be no […]

Tanzania Immigration Act No.7 of 1995

Published: 13/Jul/1995

Article 30 states: Burden of proof 30. Where in any proceedings under or for any of the purposes of this Act, any of the following questions is in issue, namely- (a) whether any person is or is not a citizen […]

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