VOA: Cameroon cracks down on taxes

Published: 26/Dec/2014
Source: Voice of America

Moki Edwin Kindzeka Cameroon gained total control of West Africa’s Bakassi pensinsula in August 2013, following a prescribed five-year transition from Nigeria. But most of the oil-rich area’s 300,000 inhabitants still are Nigerians. Now, Cameroon’s military has begun cracking down…

Burundi: Apatrides malgré eux

Published: 26/Dec/2014
Source: IWACU (Burundi)

Ils réclament d’être rétablis dans leurs droits de citoyens omanais, depuis de nombreuses années. « Depuis 2009, nous réclamons notre nationalité, en vain ! », lance Nassor Mohamed, représentant des ressortissants omanais au Burundi. Ils se plaignent de l’interminable procédure…

Sipe’s citizenship under scrutiny

Published: 23/Dec/2014
Source: Malawi24

Malawi’s representative in the just ended Big Brother season nine reality show, Sipe has come under fire over her citizenship as reports indicate that she is ‘not a Malawian.’ As she was in the Big Brother house, speculations were all…

Kenya Security Laws Amendment Act 2014

Published: 22/Dec/2014

The Security Laws (Amendment) Act, No. 19 of 2014 amends the Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 as follows: Sets up the Border Control and Operations Coordination Committee to report to the National Security Council on activities “for the management and…

Sudan to deliver residence cards to 500,000 South Sudanese

Published: 21/Dec/2014
Source: Sudan Tribe

The Sudanese government agreed to deliver residence permits to South Sudanese refugees enabling them to circulate and to work in the neighbouring country. The memorandum of understanding was signed in Khartoum by the Sudanese interior ministry and the UN refugees…

Libya: Nationality, Registration and Documents

Published: 19/Dec/2014
Source: Governments of Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden

This report is written by country analysts from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. It covers topics that are relevant for status determination of Libyan and non-Libyan citizens whose asylum claims are based on the situation in Libya. The target…

The World’s Stateless

Published: 15/Dec/2014
Source: Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

This report is about ordinary people, living all over the world, who have one extraordinary thing in common: they do not hold any nationality at all. They are The World’s Stateless. When having a nationality (or even multiple nationalities) is…