Ethiopia digital ID prompts fears of ethnic profiling

Published: 1/Feb/2023
Source: Reuters

Zecharias Zelalem The rollout of digital ID Fayda in Ethiopia could entrench discrimination against Tigrayans and other ethnic minorities, rights groups fear Ethiopia introduces digital ID to improve access to services Tigrayans fear the data may be used to discriminate […]

DRC: Congo Siasa – Discrimination and the M23 rebellion

Published: 24/Jan/2023
Source: Congo Research Group

By Jason Stearns Since the M23 rebellion re-emerged in November 2021, there has been a lot of noise––to call it a discussion would be to exaggerate its nuance and sophistication ––about discrimination against Congolese Tutsi and its role in the […]

Nigerian government inaugurates high-level steering committee to eradicate statelessness

Published: 23/Jan/2023
Source: Voice of Nigeria / News Agency of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has inaugurated a High-Level Steering Committee (HLSC) for the eradication of statelessness in Nigeria and to kickstart the implementation of its five-key priority activities. The Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Interior, […]

Creating Belonging or Ruling by Exclusion? Politics, Citizenship and African Governance

Published: 23/Jan/2023
Source: Democracy in Africa

By Jesper Bjarnesen, Cristiano Lanzano, Henning Melber, and Patience Mususa Citizenship is and has always been a complicated and multi-faceted concept. Across African contexts, as a recent IDAP webinar reiterated, this complexity is both conceptual and reflective of the many and changing […]

La connaissance de l’Amazigh requise pour l’octroi la citoyenneté marocaine

Published: 22/Jan/2023
Source: Hespress

La nouvelle exigence intervient dans le sillage d’une proposition de loi présentée par le groupe parlementaire de l’Istiqlal à la Chambre des représentants, et porte sur l’intégration aux dispositions de l’article 11 du Dahir 1.58.250 relative à l’obtention de la […]

Bénin: Patrice Talon promulgue le code de la nationalité

Published: 19/Jan/2023
Source: Benin Web TV

Par Edouard Djogbénou Adopté à l’Assemblée nationale le 29 Novembre 2022, la loi N°2022-32 du 20 décembre 2022 portant code de la nationalité en République du Bénin a été promulguée par le président de la République SEM Patrice Talon. La […]

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