Joint Submission to the Human Rights Council at the 40th Session of the Universal Periodic Review: Togo

Published: 15/Jul/2021
Source: Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion and others
  1. Association Question des Femmes, Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme (RADDHO), WARIPNET (West African Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Network), the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights Equality Now and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) make this joint submission to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), on the right to a nationality and human rights challenges pertaining to statelessness in Togo.
  2. This submission focuses on gender discrimination in the Togolese Nationality Code and the lack of safeguards to ensure a child’s right to a nationality and the prevention of statelessness.


Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards, Discrimination, Gender, Naturalisation and Marriage, Statelessness
Regions: Togo
Year: 2021