Kassam challenges Malawi authorities: ‘Many Asians and a Minister with dual citizenship’

Published: 6/Jun/2017
Source: Nyasa Times (Malawi)

Asian businessman Kassam Nurmahomed as recently arrested by the Immigration Department for contravening the Citizenship Act after he was found in possession of a British and Malawian passport when he was about to leave the country for South Africa has challenged authorities that there are many Asians in the country who hold two or multiple passports apart from the Malawian.

According to documents seen by Nyasa Times, Nurmahomed had acquired the Malawian passport number MA 867427on 26 April 2016 and started using it alongside his British passport.

Malawi laws prohit dual citizenship.

Immigration officials asked him to surrender the Malawian passport to use his British documents or go to renounce the UK papers for him to use the Malawian travel documents. But Nurmahommed challenged that he cannot surrender any of the passports, saying there are many Asians which he says he can name that have dual citizenship.

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