Kenya: Citizenship plan for rich investors takes shape

Published: 6/Apr/2021
Source: Business Daily Africa (Nairobi)

Kenya has started drafting amendments to immigration laws in changes that will make it easier for wealthy foreign investors to acquire citizenship.

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) says it is writing draft legal changes that will see big-ticket investors eligible to get second citizenship in Kenya without meeting the current stringent requirements to qualify.

The agency sees giving second citizenship to deep-pocketed foreign investors — whose enterprises have a high impact on creating new jobs and exports earnings — as a magnet for growing lowly foreign direct investment (FDI) flows.

“Listening to key policymakers, there’s really no opposition to it. What is required now is that there has to be a proper paper that will go to the Ministry of Interior so that it can now sponsor it, together with the Treasury, to go to the Cabinet,” said KenInvest managing director Moses Ikiara.

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