Kenya: Hundreds protest in in Tana River County demanding to be issued with national IDs

Published: 26/Jun/2016
Source: Daily Nation (Nairobi)

They said lack of the vital document has caused them much suffering as they have “become destitute in their own country”.


In Summary

  • Maulid Mohamed said he is among hundreds of young people from the area who have been waiting for the document for the last two years.
  • He said lack of Identity cards may push young people into criminal activities because they cannot form groups to get loans.
  • Tana River County Registrar of Persons Benson Kwendo said those with issues should report to the nearest registration office so that their waiting cards can be verified.
  • He also urged those with complaints to forward their names to his office for action to be taken.

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Themes: Identity Documents, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: East Africa, Kenya
Year: 2016