Kenya issues digital ID cards to minority community after decades of ordeal

Published: 1/Sep/2021
Source: Biometric Update

By Ayang Macdonald

Members of a ‘stateless’ community in Kenya known as the Shona have received digital ID cards from the Kenyan government, ending approximately five decades of their statelessness.

Kenyan outlet The Star, in a feature report, chronicles the ordeal that many of the Shona community members have gone through over the years, living without an official identification.

They are reported to have received their digital ID cards on July 28, to the excitement of many.

According to the report, the Shona, who are descendants of missionaries of the Church of God, came into Kenya from then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). They have either found it difficult seeking medical attention in hospital or have faced arrest and other forms of molestation from security officers for lack of an ID card.

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Themes: Apatridie, Discrimination, Cartes d’identité et passeports, Naturalisation et le mariage, Ethnique/Raciale/Religieuse
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2021