Kenya: Kihalangwa defends Miguna deportation

Published: 22/Feb/2018
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

By Sam Kisika

The deported self-proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna will have to follow due process to reclaim his Kenyan citizenship, the government has said.

The outgoing Immigration Director Gordon Kihalangwa told MPs on Wednesday that Miguna will only be granted his citizenship after applying for it afresh as provided in the new Constitution.

Kihalangwa said during his vetting for Principal Secretary Immigration, Border Control and Registration of Persons by National Assembly Committee on National Security and Administration chaired Paul Koinange (Kiambaa).

Kihalangwa told the committee that records in his department show that Miguna acquired the Canadian citizenship in 1988 which saw him relinquish his Kenyan citizenship after fleeing the country in 1986.

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