Kenya: U.S.-Born Mwinzi Sues Parliament in Dual Citizenship Dispute

Published: 18/Sep/2019
Source: Daily Nation (Nairobi)

Kenya’s ambassador-nominee to South Korea, Ms Mwende Mwinzi, is suing to have Parliament stopped from forcing her to renounce her US citizenship before she takes up the job.

In a case that could determine how Kenyans in the diaspora can get government jobs in future, Ms Mwinzi, whom the National Assembly approved for the job but said she must first give up her US citizenship, says it would be a violation of her rights to be forced out of something she didn’t choose.


The key question in the case filed last evening at the Constitutional and Human Rights Division of the High Court is whether persons born of Kenyan parents abroad should relinquish their foreign nationality in order to be allowed to serve in the government.

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