Legal memorandum in support of dual citizenship in Liberia

Published: 5/Aug/2007
Source: Post Conflict Liberia (blog)

By Sam Zinnah

During the many years of armed violence and persecution in our Nation, more than 250,000 of our fellow Liberians lost their lives, the Nation’s economy and infrastructure–houses, schools, clinics, roads and bridges were damaged, and more than 900,000 Liberians, out of a pre-civil war population of about 3.2 million, were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in other countries. As time past, an appreciable number of the more than 900,000 Liberians, who were forced to flee their homes in Liberia, (1) settled in economically advanced countries; (2) gave birth to thousands of children in their host countries; (3) got married to citizens of other countries; (4) became naturalized citizens in their host countries; (5) took military and other employments in their host countries; (6) and acquired skills and expertise in various sectors.

As we work to transform our Nation from a post-conflict status into a stable, prosperous, and leading democracy, the Liberian government is urged to create an environment that will welcome and encourage Liberians at home and Non-Resident Liberians alike to adjust the new lives they have built so as to contribute more to our Nation’s development. One of the best ways to get Liberians to adjust the new lives they have built is for this Honorable Legislature to pass legislation that officially permits Liberians to have dual citizenship. The legislation will facilitate travel to and from Liberia and also remove obstacles to investment opportunities for Liberians who may want to contribute more to the Nation’s development.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: West Africa, Liberia
Year: 2007