Legislative assessment: Assessment of residency requirements for migratory groups in connection with the referenda

Published: 1/Jun/2010
Source: UNDP / American Bar Association

This report compiles the opinions of legal  experts as to the two questions asked of the experts by UNDP/Sudan, which were:

  1. With respect to defining “criteria for residency” in this context, what guiding or required principles and policies, if any, are set forth in the direct enabling laws, in this case, the CPA (including the  Abyei  Protocol),  the  Interim  National  Constitution  under  which  the  AARA  was enacted, and the Abyei Area Referendum Act (collectively, the “Enabling Law”)?
  2. To the  extent  the  Enabling  Law  lacks  express  or  sufficient  guidance  or  requirements,  what  principles  and  policies  are  expressed  in  analogous  laws  and  situations  in  other  jurisdictions  (i.e.  countries)  or  relevant  best  practice  guidelines,  international  compacts,  or  treatises  that  would  provide  useful  guidance  for  the  ARC  to  use  in  its  consideration  and  determination?

Download file: Legislative Assessment: Assessment of Residency Requirements for Migratory Groups in Connection with the Referenda (PDF, 2018 kb)

Themes: State Succession, New States
Regions: South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2010