Lesotho: Lets’ela v Solicitor General and Another

Published: 9/May/1984
Source: Lesotho High Court

(CIV/APN/3/84) (CIV/APN/3/84) [1984] LSCA 51 (09 May 1984)

The petitioner, a Lesotho citizen, says he is the husband to one Limakatso Selina. Limakatso is not a citizen of Lesotho. She was born in the Republic of South Africa and held a South African passport. The petitioner and the said Limakatso were apparently married by custom, but we do not know where (may be either Teyateyaneng or Johannesburg) in 1980. The evidence, not denied, was that her mother and paternal uncle, both of 6502 Sharpeville, P.O. Sharpeville 1933, gave her in marriage. She lived with the petitioner until she was expelled by order of the Minister of the Interior on or about the 16th November 1983 under powers conferred upon him by s.5(3) and s 25 of the Aliens Control Act No.16 of 1966 (Vol.XI Laws of Lesotho p.54). That order was carried into effect and Limakatso is now back in the Republic of South Africa and wants to come back into Lesotho.

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Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: Lesotho
Year: 1984