Liberia: NEC Chairman Wants Court To Dismiss Dual Citizenship Lawsuit

Published: 15/Juin/2017
Source: Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

Monrovia – Claims by a group of concerned Liberians now before the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice for adjudication that the Chairman of the National Election Commission Jerome Korkoya is an American citizen, Wednesday took another dimension when the NEC boss asked the court to dismiss the claims.

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian – 

Chairman Korkoya’s call came through his legal counsel during legal arguments in his motion filed by him to the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice to dismiss the claims against him which was rejected by lawyers representing the aggrieved concerned Liberians.

In his motion for dismissal, Cllr. Cooper Kruah counter argued that under the Civil Procedure Law Chapter I I, Section II.2(a) states that a party may at any time of service of his responsive pleading move for judgment dismissing the complaint on grounds that the court lacks the  jurisdiction over the case.

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