Liberia: Supreme Court Suspends Cllr. Nwabudike for Six Months over His Multiple Citizenship

Published: 26/Août/2021
Source: Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

By Willie N. Tokpah

MONROVIA – The Supreme Court has nullified the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) Suspension of former Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, Cllr. A. Ndubudsi Nwabudike and has ordered the Ministry of Justice to take seize of the matter and investigate as to whether Cllr. Nwabudike is a citizen or not.


As a result, it has ordered the Attorney General to take seize of the matter and if deem necessary, institute proceeding to revoke and set aside the order admitting the Nwabudike to Liberian Citizenship and cancel his certificate of naturalization.

“The ultimate disposition of this matter to its logical conclusion rests with the determination of whether the respondent’s Liberian citizenship was indeed obtained by fraud which conclusion can only be made after the Attorney General/Minister of Justice has instituted a court proceedings in the matter,” the Supreme Court noted.

On the other hand, the court said if the Attorney General or Minister of Justice finds that the order admitting the respondent to Liberian citizenship was issued through a manifest error or law or fact that can be remedied by procedural means, Nwabudike should be given the opportunity to institute corrective proceedings in consonance with the Alien and Nationalization Law of Liberia.

“The Attorney General/Minister of Justice is to conclude this matter in six months and inform this court of the action taken in the premises,” the court said.

“Meanwhile, the respondent, Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwabudike is hereby suspended from the practice of law directly or indirectly in Liberia for six months. His fate and status with the LNBA will abide the action of the Attorney General/ Minister of Justice.

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