Liberian Senate to Deny Presidential Appointees With Dual Citizenship

Published: 20/Jan/2018
Source: FrontPageAfrica (Monrovia)

Monrovia – President-elect George Weah is yet to start the formation of his government, in fact, he’s yet to be sworn into office, but FrontPageAfrica has reliably learned that the Senate has already decided to reject nominations of persons with dual citizenship.

Report by Henry Karmo

The Senate’s decision, according to sources within the Capitol, is intended to avoid people who have sworn oath of allegiance to other countries from holding positions of trust in the new government.

“We cannot continue to confirm people whose loyalty is to America; this was a mistake we have made over the years and we want to correct those wrongs. We will write the President-elect and inform him of this decision so he can take the necessary measures.

“You appoint and confirm people who have dual citizenship and at the end of the day we realize serious austerity – people taking money to pay for their mortgages in America. They don’t have loyalty to country,” our legislative source said.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Nationality and Elections, Nationality of Politicians
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Year: 2018