Libya: Law 24, citizenship legislation still waiting to happen

Published: 26/Jul/2013
Source: Libyan Express

Human rights violations in their many forms have been taking place in Libya for a long time. Today the media focus primarily on illegal detention and torture. Unfortunately, even Libya’s legislative and executive branches are practicing some human rights violations through their denial of citizenship to Libyan children of foreign fathers. A law remedying this was introduced back in 2010 (Law No. 24). However, given what it maintains are weakness of the legislation, the Ministry of Interior has refused to put into practice.

The issue is complicated further by widespread public opposition to granting citizenships to non-Libyans. This view arises because  Qaddafi made citizens of foreigners whose job was to oppress Libyans and safeguard his regime. Moreover, some fear that Law 24 will be abused by foreigners seeking to benefit from Libya’s economic resources. In Benghazi, approximately 3,000 mothers are seeking to grant their citizenship to their children.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Acquisition by children, Discrimination, Gender
Regions: Libya
Year: 2013