Malawi dual citizenship, President orders Justice Minister to draft legislation

Published: 12/Jul/2016
Source: Nyasa Times (Malawi)

By Owen Khamula

President Peter Mutharika has said he has ordered his Justice minister Samuel Tembenu to draft a dual citizenship legislation to allow Malawians stuck in diaspora come back home and invest.

Mutharika told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that the ministry of Justice is currently working on the legislation which will enable Malawians hold dual citizenship.

The President said he will live to his promise he made in parliament romise that government will review dual citizenship law.

“We are currently drafting the legislation, very soon we will have the legislation. This will be possible because we want Malawians in diaspora to come to Malawi,” he said.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
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Year: 2016