Malawi the last country standing on national identity cards

Published: 10/Jul/2017
Source: The Southern Times (Windhoek)

By Penelope Paliani Kamanga

The move to give Malawians identity cards has entered its second month with only 200,000 people registered out of the ambitious move to register 9 million by the end of this year.

Malawi, which is the only country in Southern Africa and Comesa without national identity cards (IDs), had been under pressure to fast-track the process of issuing the IDs to address the challenges the country has long faced due to the absence of the documents.

Malawians currently use driving licenses, passports, and in some cases voter registration certificates as proof of their citizenship in places and institutions where identification is needed.

Those who don’t have such documents are asked to bring any person with a passport or driving license to be a witness.

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