Manual on citizenship rights in Zimbabwe

Published: 21/Jul/2016
Source: Saturday Big Read (blog)

By Alex Magaisa

Citizenship is one of the most important rights in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It’s about belonging, identity and access to rights, benefits and privileges. A section of the Constitution, Chapter 3, deals specifically with the issue of citizenship, while parts of the Declaration of Rights specifically confer certain citizen-specific rights. This manual, which is based on the Constitution of Zimbabwe, outlines the major aspects of citizenship which you must know.

Rights and benefits

Every citizen is entitled to the rights, privileges and benefits of citizenship. Some of the most important rights are the right to vote, the right to a passport or other travel documents, such as an Emergency Travel Document, and the right to the protection of the state wherever the citizen may be. This means if a Zimbabwean citizen is in the United Kingdom, South Africa, South Sudan or any other country, he or she is entitled to the protection of the state. This is why the state had a duty to rescue Zimbabwean women who had been duped and stranded by unscrupulous individuals in Kuwait.


Every citizen is required to observe certain duties such as loyalty to Zimbabwe, observing the Constitution and respecting its ideals and institutions, respecting the national flag and the national anthem; and to the best of one’s ability, defending Zimbabwe and its sovereignty.

How to acquire citizenship

There are 3 ways by which a person can become a Zimbabwean citizenship: by birth, descent or registration.

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