Parliament to Discuss Naturalization of Moroccan Women’s Foreign Spouses

Published: 20/Déc/2017
Source: North Africa Post

The parliament majority bloc has submitted a draft law providing for granting Moroccan nationality to foreign spouses of Moroccan women.

The draft amends the provisions of Article 10 of the nationality law, which grants Moroccan nationality only to a foreign wife of a Moroccan citizen.

The draft law aims at ending such a discrimination by naturalizing husbands of Moroccan women provided they prove being married for 5 years at least.

The bill does not condition applying for a Moroccan nationality on the continuation of the marriage as divorced men can apply if they have proved to be married for 5 years.

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Themes: Discrimination, Sexuelle, Naturalisation et le mariage
Regions: Maroc
Year: 2017