Namibia: Stateless dream deferred

Published: 21/Mai/2024
Source: New Era (Windhoek)

Cabinet had directed the ministry of home affairs to address the issue of undocumented and stateless persons in the country in 2021.

Although the ministry ambitiously set sights on realising this target and resolving the problem by 2025, eradicating statelessness within the set timeframe is a mirage, the ministry has conceded.

The executive director of the ministry, Etienne Maritz, told New Era that ending statelessness is not a one-day job.

However, they are on the journey towards addressing the scourge that has had Namibians scratching their heads.

Stateless people are those who do not have citizenship in any country, while undocumented people lack legal documentation to prove their identity and citizenship.

“It is a journey that has various steps. The Harambee Prosperity Plan (HHP II) has detailed the implementation plan under the social progression pillar, and we are operating under that plan to realise the dream,” he said.

All activities planned in the HPP II in this regard have commenced.


The legislation to regularise the status of stateless and undocumented persons has commenced.

Such legislation is the Namibian Citizenship Amendment Bill, the Regularisation of the Status of Certain Residents of Namibia and Their Descendants’ Bill, and the Statelessness Determination and Protection Bill.

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