Namibian lawmakers examine bill to streamline civil registration, lower age for ID cards

Published: 19/Juin/2023
Source: Biometric Update

By Ayang Macdonald

A draft piece of legislation seeking to make changes to Namibia’s civil status registration and identification system is currently in the country’s parliament for first reading.

Among the proposed changes to the bill which has been introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, is a reduction in the legal age for obtaining a national ID card from 16 to 14.

Also, biometrics have been introduced in the process of enrollment for a national ID card, which is not stipulated in the country’s current Identification Act, in place since 1996.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Daniel Kashikola brought the bill to the attention of lawmakers recently.

According to government, the key purpose of the bill is to provide for a national civil registration system and for the issuing of identity documents. It also provides for a system of digital notification related to civil events such as births, as well as a system for access to, authentication, verification and sharing of information contained in the civil register or other information kept by the Home Affairs Ministry.

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