MENA Statelessness Platform

Regions: Afrique du Nord

This platform is the first of its kind in the MENA region. It aims to present stateless people, researchers, experts, activists, NGOs, government officials and journalists with information related to statelessness.

It also aims to shed light on the work of organizations and individuals involved in topics related to stateless people in the region. Its scope is mainly focused on countries that are members of the League of Arab States.

The goal of this platform is to create a network on statelessness in the MENA region, which will serve as a hub for organizations and individual experts to work together in hopes of reducing statelessness.

Our main objective is to help improve the situation of the millions of individuals across the MENA region who are affected by statelessness and/or are at risk of being stateless by organizing workshops and conducting research in all MENA countries where fieldwork is feasible.

This platform supports the work of the Research and Advocacy Network on statelessness (RANS) in the MENA region.