Refugees International

Regions: International

Refugees International focuses on the important refugee, displacement, humanitarian, and human rights issues that need urgent attention and action by government officials, policymakers, and other international organizations. Our advocates travel to some of the world’s most severe displacement crises, examining the conditions facing refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), and assessing the responses to those needs by governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local and international aid organizations.

Refugees International does not accept government or UN funding, enabling us to speak freely, underlining policies that are working well and where global action falls short. The humanitarian groups that respond to refugee and IDP crises often view Refugees International as an ally, since we can communicate needs and challenges through our robust advocacy in ways they often cannot. The alliances between Refugees International and humanitarian aid groups ultimately strengthen assistance efforts for refugees and displaced people, improving their circumstances and elevating their security and dignity.