Nigeria: The Long, Long Wait for National Identity Cards

Published: 11/Mar/2017
Source: Daily Trust (Abuja)

“When I enrolled for the National Identity card early last year, I had expected the card would be ready in at most six months’ time. Whenever I go to their office, it has always been ‘go and comeback tomorrow’,” says Song Muru, a Msc student of the University of Abuja.

“The last time I was in their office was in September 2016 and after lodging my complaint, they collected my cell phone number and promised to call me when the original ID is available. However, the printout they issued to me is not accepted in some instances when I present it. I wish to call on NIMC to revisit their issuance procedures and make it faster,” he added.

Song is not the only one having trouble collecting his National Identity card, as over a million Nigerians who have registered are yet to be issued with the card since 2012 when the scheme was relaunched.

Nigeria first introduced a National Identity Card in 2005, but its adoption back then was not widespread.

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