Nigerians Claim Citizenship of Other Countries to Secure Travel Documents

Published: 3/Sep/2018
Source: This Day (Nigeria)

By Chinedu Eze

Many Nigerians are claiming the citizenship of other countries in West Africa in order to obtain passports from those countries and travel overseas, THISDAY has learnt.

THISDAY gathered that Nigerians who engage in this act, include those whose passports have been seized by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), those who are arranged by agents to travel overseas for cheap labour and prostitution, as well as those who seek for asylum from some countries in Europe, the US and Canada.

Senior Nigerian Immigration officials in Abuja explained to THISDAY that according to the law, even though NIS seizes the passports of Nigerians deported to the country for a minimum of two years, such people are never allowed to travel again.

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