Libya: Follow-up to LBY35036 of 8 September 2000 on whether a Tunisian who was born in Libya and whose father had been granted Libyan citizenship can obtain Libyan citizenship; if so, procedure; whether he would have to give up his Tunisian citizenship

Published: 3/Oct/2000
Source: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

The following information was provided on 22 September 2000 by the Senior Legal Specialist of the Law Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.:

The Libyan Nationality Law (Law no 17 of 1554 of 18 April 1954) was enacted soon after the Libyan state was established on 24 December, 1951. Prior to that Libya was from 1911 to the end of world war II an Italian colony whose inhabitants were Italian citizens, and before 1911 it was part of the Ottoman Empire and its inhabitants Ottoman subjects. That is why the Nationality Law begins by creating an “establishment citizenship,” by providing that a person who was normally resident in Libya on 7 October 1951, the date the new state constitution was adopted, and was not of a foreign nationality, among other conditions, to be a Libyan citizen.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Acquisition by children
Regions: North Africa, Libya
Year: 2000