Over 3 million of unregistered children in Angola

Published: 17/Jun/2018
Source: Angola Press/ EIN News

Cazenga, ANGOLA, June 17 – At least 3.8 million Angolan children from zero to five years lack any record of their birth, posing a serious challenge to the Government.

The statistics was released Saturday by the minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queirós. Francisco Queirós voiced the concern during an official opening ceremony of birth registration in the country’s schools, held in Cazenga municipality, Luanda. The event ran under the protocol between the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and Ministry of Education, ahead of the Day of African Child, on 16 June. The official said that the initiative will strengthen the Government commitment to the essential rights of the children, aimed at recognising their rights and value.

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Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration
Regions: Southern Africa, Angola
Year: 2018