Gambia: Pap Saine’s nationality question settled

Published: 17/Jun/2009
Source: FOROYAA Newspaper (Banjul)

Mr. Pap Saine, the Editor, Publisher and Co-proprietor of the Point Newspaper, who was standing trial on the allegation that he is not a Gambian and has acquired Gambian citizenship through falsehood, was Monday 15th June, vindicated by the court that he is a bona fide Gambian.

Mr. Saine became relieved after the court delivered its verdict. His lawyer Antouman Gaye submitted a ‘no case submission,’ which was accepted by the court. The two counts charges against him are “obtaining registration by false pretence” contrary to section 295 of the Criminal Code and ‘obtaining Gambian Passport by false declaration” contrary to section 31 (H) of the Immigration Act.

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Year: 2009