Passports for Sale: How Sudan Profits From Syrians

Published: 1/Feb/2018
Source: Refugees Deeply

If you are Syrian or have been to Sudan, the chances are you will have seen a Facebook ad saying: “Interested in Sudanese nationality? Call this number.”

Fast-track services offering Sudanese citizenship are openly advertised on social media, many of them targeting Syrians. Since war broke out in Syria, Sudan has been one of the havens for wealthier Syrians. While Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt were overwhelmed by refugees early on in the conflict and have all taken measures to stem the flow, Sudan does not even require Syrians to get a visa.

Behind the cheerful Facebook ads lies an illicit network whose connections appear to reach to the highest levels of government in the capital, Khartoum, and allegedly involve the younger brother of President Omar al-Bashir. For those Syrians who have the means, black-market passports offer an expensive alternative to the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean from Libya or Egypt.

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