Republic of Malawi (Constitution) Act, 1966

Published: 6/Jul/1966

Chapter II: Citizenship

Continuation of citizenship of Malawi after the appointed day.

7.-(1) Subject to the provisions of any law, every person who immediately before the appointed day was under any existing law a citizen of Malawi, shall continue of Malawi to be a citizen of the Republic after the appointed day.
(2) Parliament may make provision by Act of Parliament for the acquisition of citizenship, or loss of citizenship, of the Republic by any person after the appointed day.
(3) In this section, the expression-
“acquisition of citizenship” includes acquisition by birth, registration, naturalization or any other means prescribed by Parliament;
“loss of citizenship” includes loss by deprivation, renunciation or any other means prescribed by Parliament.

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Regions: Malawi
Year: 1966