REVEALED: Nigeria’s horrible record of childbirth registration

Published: 11/Jul/2016
Source: Development Cable

Nigeria’s birth registration is dismal, with only nine of its 36 states, including the federal capital territory, recording up to 50 per cent of their births, a 2016 infographics by AFRI-DEV info has shown.

Of all 36 states, Zamfara has the lowest rate, with only 3 per cent birth registration rate. Yobe follows closely with 8.2 percent birth registration and Kebbi with 9.6 percent.

The states with 50 percent birth registration include Lagos with 62%, Ekiti (50.5%), Imo (63.2%), Abia (58.8%), Anambra (61.2%), Kwara (58.5%), Edo (50%), Abuja (64.2%), and Osun (65.6%).

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Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration
Regions: West Africa, Nigeria
Year: 2016