Sierra Leone’s dual nationality constitutional fiasco

Published: 15/Jan/2018
Source: Sierra Leone Telegraph


On the 9th of January 2018, Cocorioko Newspaper wrote that the “ruling All People’s Congress (APC) will be adhering to Section 76(1), Act No. 6 of the 1991 constitution, in awarding symbols for the forthcoming Parliamentary elections.”

Section 76(1) states that “no person shall be qualified for election as a Member of Parliament, if he is a naturalized citizen of Sierra Leone or if he is a citizen of a country other than Sierra Leone, having become such a citizen voluntarily or is under a declaration of allegiance to such a country.”

Asked by Cocorioko why the APC took the decision only now, Mr. Agibu Jalloh – spokesman for the APC government, said that the law had always been there and that the decision was taken to avoid petitions against MPs after they would have won the forthcoming elections.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Nationality of Politicians
Regions: Sierra Leone
Year: 2018